David Nolt Mouth Painter

David Nolt was born in the fall of 1980, with Arthrogryposis.  He did not have the use of his arms and his feet were severely deformed.  However, through many doctor’s visits, hospital stays and years of therapy, David mastered walking and eventually driving.

A simple colored marker was to transform David’s life further.  He picked it up with his mouth and proceeded to scribble all over the kitchen floor.  From that scribble he began to turn his drawings into familiar objects.

David enrolled in regular school classes and learned to perform all his lessons with a pencil in his mouth.

Through his school years David experimented with various mediums; makers, colored pencils, and watercolor.  But when he had the chance to use oils, he was hooked and he spent most of his time experimenting  and developing his technique in oil.

In 1996, David joined the “Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Association”, and that proved to be one of the best decisions he had ever made.

David now paints all subjects, landscape, still life, animals, as well as people.  His works of art range in many different sizes. 

David is active in several local art groups, and is the past President of the Village Art Association.

Artist  David Nolt demonstrating