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 * * * Dear Artists, we are making considerable investments into promotional display materials to make our shows look attractive for the patrons. Please help us help you by applying the following guidelines! * * *

Art Show Guidelines

for Lititz Outdoor Fine Art Show and Lititz Parkwalk

For all outdoor shows, artists must provide their own tents. All canopies are required to be WHITE, 10’x10’ canopies with straight legs, and able to withstand wind and rain.  Each leg must be weighted with at least 50lbs.

The best canopies for these conditions are Flourish, Showoff, Light Dome and the heavy EZ Ups or Eurmax.

Artists must provide their own display panels, tables, easels, skirting and print bins. 

Display tables must be covered on all sides to the ground. Handwritten signs and sale signs are prohibited. Exhibitors may not display ribbons or awards from previous shows.

Boxes and other material must be stored neatly behind the artist’s tent or under draped tables.

Sales and promotional activities must be confined to the artist’s assigned space. Art bins should not block or impede a neighboring artist’s tent.

Displays must be professional in appearance, and consistent with your submitted booth shot. Your ultimate goal is to create an appealing outdoor gallery.

Electricity is not provided.

Exhibitors may not share booth space unless they have submitted a joint application and have been accepted as such.

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