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Alcohol Ink, Watercolors

Jan Wynkoop

Jan is a Lititz based artist, who paints in watercolors. However, she is also well known for her works in a relatively new technique - alcohol ink painting.

“It works something like watercolors,” she notes. “But it’s different in that it is much more flowing.”

The idea of the technique is to mix colored inks with alcohol and gently drop and swirl onto a special glossy paper. Unlike watercolor paper, the glossy paper allows the ink to sit on its surface without being absorbed until the alcohol dries. The technique also works with tile or glass.

As Jan points out, the medium has a life of its own which makes each painting a surprise. She loves the unpredictability of alcohol ink because of the way the colors blend into each other, creating an endless variety of intricate designs.

You can contact Jan about her work via email:

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