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8-Week Challenge







Join us for a fun challenge to use some of the indoors time creatively!

Starting Monday, March 16th, we offer you to complete and send us a photo of at least one work of art per week in any medium that you prefer. If you complete more than one piece in a week, send us more!

And if it takes a while – pictures of the work-in-progress are welcome!  Just email your image(s) to Please indicate Challenge in the email subject line. We will be posting the results regularly on our Facebook page here.

Each week we will have a theme, according to the 7 elements of art:

  • color

  • line

  • value

  • shape

  • form

  • texture

  • space

For the first 2 weeks we will start-off with COLOR. Beginning March 29- LINE etc.

Update: May 1st - May 31st - we decided to prolong the challenge with no theme. Just submit your artwork to be posted and enjoyed by the community. Let's keep the creativity flowing!

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