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High Flow Acrylics on YUPO paper with Jane Wolf

Jane Wolf's artwork on display
Jane Wolf's artwork on display

Jane Wolf is a local artist and a retired teacher. She constantly learns new techniques and materials one of which is YUPO paper.

"At the beginning I don't actually know what it is going to be."

YUPO paper is a new kind of surface which due to its smooth nonabsorbent surface accepts flowing media, such as high flow acrylics or alcohol inks.

In her demonstration Jane showed the audience how she applies the acrylics to the paper using various materials to create textures. She showed that practically anything can become a texture source. Both special stencils and spontaneous on-hand items like wax paper, plastic wrap, shoe strings can add its uniqueness to the final piece.

The colors of her paintings are hard to show in a photo and could be best enjoyed in person.

Join us for the next meeting in April!

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