Making Time to Do What You Love with Kim Meyers Smith

Kim Meyers Smith at the demonstration table

Kim Meyers Smith is a professional graphic designer - she got her degree from the Kutztown University. In addition, Kim always loved painting. Starting with a tighter style, over time she has worked on loosening it.

She has committed herself to getting up at 5.30 am each morning and paint for at least an hour.

A decision to paint daily helped Kim to hone her painting skills. She has committed herself to getting up at 5.30 am each morning and paint for at least an hour. If she is in a place where a painting cannot be done, she is using her sketch book.

Kim does many of her paintings on smaller Gesso panels that can be finished in one day. However, she is also working on bigger sizes, e.g. 40x40".

Her process is using oils paints and photographs that she has taken, occasionally using photographs of others with their permission. She uses an app called Grid# on the photo and draws grids on her panel. First she sketches a transparent layer of oil and solvent called Zest It. She feels this makes the paints more transparent and "watery". Next she uses paint sticks - R&F pigment sticks - to further the intended design. Finally she uses tubes of oil paints and most importantly a large 1" brush to put down or dab brush strokes. The use of a wider brush allowed her style to be loose. Small brushes are for the final details.

Her paintings take about a month to dry, then the puts several coats of varnish on them. She determines the prices by the square inch.

On Wednesday mornings at 7 am she does a live painting on Instagram. Her paintings are found on her website, Instagram, Etsy, YouTube and at art shows. Kim has also begun doing painting workshops.

At the end of the demonstration was a finished painting of peonies.

A demonstration can be best enjoyed in person! Join us for the next meeting!

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TEXT CREDIT: ELENA WHITE / edited by Vitaly Borisenko


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