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New Year - New Website!

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

LAA Website
LAA Website

Updated look, design features and functionality!

Welcome to the website of the Lititz Art Association. We were doing our best to bring additional convenience and new features to you as our current or future member.

We would love our website to be not only beautiful, but also functional so that it would offer our members additional possibilities and convenience.


Here is a little introduction to features that are already available. Please note, that the website is in its Beta-testing stage of development and will be updated, especially in part of content. Right now a lot of images and many of the texts are free generic content or the content that was readily available on hand, but over time we will replace it with our specific quality texts and images.


On our Home page you can learn about our Mission as an organization, Monthly meetings with a button to view the 2019 Schedule and Community work that will be populated with information about our work in the Lititz area.

Upcoming events tells you about the most important shows and events we will be hosting in the future. An important upgrade is that now it is possible to register as a participant online, including making the payment, and avoid hustles of paperwork. That will also make the application processing easier for us as organizers.

A little lower you can find most recent Blog posts. In the Blog we can present our past events or make them informative like this post you are reading right now! A nice feature with the blog is that you can like a post (by clicking a "heart" icon) and leave a comment, too (you will be asked to log-in first).


At the lower of the Home page you will find the list of your Officers for the coming year.

When hovering over the Home menu tab you can also find Visit Lititz page. Being proudly located in our Coolest Small Town in America 2013 we are glad to introduce and invite our visitors to our hometown (actual content is to come soon).

Menu tab: EVENTS

From here you can navigate directly to the page with our upcoming Events (e.g. at this moment Lititz Outdoor Fine Art Show 2019 and Holiday Gift Show 2019). Or directly to the Meetings schedule for 2019.

Menu tab: SHOWS

Our art association is well known as the organizer of the Lititz Outdoor Fine Art Show in the Springs Park. The show has become a Brand for our town and is featured in the menu under this tab. The page shows general information about the show.

Here the applicants for our shows can also Submit images of the artwork and other information for the jury purposes. Access to the Jury page is limited to the Admin.


Menu tab: MEMBERS

Under this tab you will be able to find Member services, such as our Online gallery or information about how to Become a member. At the moment the gallery is filled with information that was available at hand when creating the page. We encourage our members to participate and fill it with quality images of their artwork. Quality requirements are listed in the Online Gallery Image Quality Requirements blog post.

Menu tab: BLOG

This is the main page of our Blog. As noted earlier, this is a very convenient place for us to showcase the latest happenings.

Menu tab: CONTACT

This tab contains information on how to contact us. In addition to mailing address and email a site visitor can type up a message right on the page and it will be forwarded to us.

Contact page
Contact page

Another good feature: The website is mobile-friendly.

This is just a short introduction to what is already there. But many things on the website will need filled, changed, corrected, updated. Right now we are in need of good content and we will be filling it out as we go.

You are welcome to start using the website. Please be patient if you see imperfections as it takes time to optimize everything. Once we feel more confident and remove the Beta tag, you will be welcome to submit your suggestions of any corrections needed and feedback.

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