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Online Gallery - How to Submit Images

Updated: May 3, 2019

We encourage our members to submit images of their artwork to the new Online Gallery! To show your artwork in its best (and at the same time load fast) please follow the technical guidelines below.

* * * We reserve the right to slightly correct the images and provided artist's info (only if necessary) to bring it to the optimal technical standard and best representation in the gallery * * *

Dimensions: 800 px on the shortest side

File size: under 1 MB

If you do not have image editing software, there are free online tools available, e.g.

2-Dimensional artwork

(painting / drawing / collage etc.)


· clean straight head-shot

· avoid glare


· cropped to the artwork, with no frame or background visible

· avoid shadows from the frame


Notice, how the first picture has the frame, shadow from the frame (the left inside), strong glare and camera lens distortions. This image is of very poor quality.

The second image, on the contrary, shows just the artwork itself cropped to the sides. It was taken under no-glare angle, is clearly in focus, and all colors are bright. This image was given good care and shows well.

3-Dimensional artwork

(pottery / sculpture / crafted items etc.)


· clean straight head-shot OR angle acceptable

· avoid obstructive glare

· use simple background (this is important)

· fill the image with the item, leaving just a little space around


You can submit your images with the description of each of them as follows: Title, size, medium (e.g. Watermelon, 12x16", oil on linen panel) to our email with the subject "Online Gallery".

Also please provide your Name, Medium and short information about yourself (e.g. can be condensed Bio, excerpts from an Artist's statement, contact info). Please, keep it short, 1-3 paragraphs, in the 3rd person.

You can see examples on the Online Gallery page when you look under each artist currently represented.

Thank you!

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