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Saturated Wet Technique from Deb Smith

Deb Smith - Ready for the Presentation
Deb Smith - Ready for the Presentation

Deb Smith grew up in Manheim, PA in a non-artistic family. From the young age she knew she can draw. Initially her medium was the charcoal pencil. But later, looking for more "instant" medium, that would be both colorful and could dry relatively quick, she fell in love with watercolors.

"I could always draw. And I always believed it is a gift from God."

After taking some art classes with professional artists she learned about the saturated wet technique that she wanted to share with the audience at her presentation.

Showing the first stages of her process she described step by step how she starts a painting. Viewers were quite surprised to see her bold brush strokes over the painting's surface. Even more surprising was the later step of letting the colors float around merging and mixing together, creating a rather abstract look.

After using a brush on a different painting, prepared ahead of time, Deb picked-up some paint in the lightest areas. Since they had been previously covered with Chinese White, the paint could be easily removed, showing the white surface under it.

Few questions and answers later visitors had the chance to come up closer, see the artwork and talk to Deb in person.

Join us for the next meeting in February!

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